About Us

Hi there!

We are Jenna and Nicky, the creative brains behind Marmalade, and we’d love to tell you a little about ourselves.

Styling hair has always been a passion for Jenna. She started working as a stylist fresh out of high school and was determined to open a salon she could call her own. That dream manifested as Marmalade. These days, you’ll find Jenna following her passion for styling hair and being a loving mother to her two children, Adrianno and Shelly.

Nicky also dreamed big. She had always wanted to open her own clothing boutique yet found herself on a path to dental school. But then, one day, on a barstool in sunny Sarasota talking to Jenna, Nicky knew the duo was on to something amazing. Fast forward to a cosmetology license, a wedding, and two little girls later - Hi, Riley and Parker! - and Nicky has never been happier.

Sharing with you the good times of life, the “real” times, and all the in between, we have truly enjoyed every step of making our experience yours too. Each and every day, we meet new faces. Welcome so many who have been there since day one, and chat with travelers who remind us of the sunshine within our walls.

Marmalade Salon and Boutique is happy to have grown into a lifestyle spot with beachy home decor, women’s apparel, and unique gifts. Don’t mind the buzz of the blowdryers or the constant chit-chat. That’s just the echo of the hair salon in the place we call home.
Marmalade is more than a salon and a boutique - it’s a lifestyle. See for yourself when you stop in and say hi. We can’t wait to meet you!

xx Jenna & Nicky